Grameenphone unnecessary service stop code

Grameenphone Unnecessary Service Code: You might get some unnecessary calls from various SIM company. They always try to increase their sales on various services. Sometime you don’t know you have activated a service. But you have option to deactivate those services. Today I am going to give you all unnecessary service stop code of Grameenphone.

  • Grameenphone All services Stop:
    type “Stop All” and send 2332
  • Turn Off Grameenphone internet:
  • Turn off Grameenphone Call Block:
    Type “StopCB” and send to 5678
  • Turn Off Grameenphone missed call alert:
    Type “StopMCA” and send to 6222
  • Grameenphone Sports service:
    Write “STOPSN” send to 2002.
  • Grameenphone Cricket Service:
    Type “STOPCR” and send to 2002
  • Grameenphone Mobile Backup:
    Type “StopMB” and send to 6000
  • Grameenphone Buddy Tracker:
    Type “Stop ” and send to 3020
  • Grameenphone voice chat
    dial 2828 and press 8
  • Grameenphone facebook:
    Type “Stop” and send to 32665
  • Grameenphone Facebook USSD:
    dial *325*22#
  • Grameenphone mobile twitting:
    Write “Stop” and send to 5678
  • Grameenphone Ebill:
    Type “Ebill cancel” and send to 2000
  • Grameenphone job news:
    Write “STOPJOBCATEGORY” and send to 3003

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