30 situational English dialogue

30 situational English dialogue

Hi Dear Learner,
Would you like to improve your English? Would you speak English with friends fluently? These English topics will help you to speak English very easily. In this section I will share 30 situational English dialogue with you how to speak & what will you say according to different situation, like how to say thanks, encourage, goodbye etc. So, lets have a look.

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5 Best Website to improve listening skill

listening is very important part of learning English. For speaking English you have to skill of listening. Listening is receiving language through the ears. Listening involves verifying the sound of speech them into word, sentence, etc. in this article I will share with you 5 best sites for improving listening skill.

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1000 Common & important Abbreviation

Here I’m sharing 1000 Common & important Abbreviation. Hope, it will helpful for you. so, lets have a look. A.M—–Ante meridian P.M—–Post meridian M.A. —–Master of Arts M.COM —–Master of Commerce B.COM —– Bachelor of Commerce M.S—–Master of Surgery M.D—–Doctor of Medicine/ Managing director B.S.S. —- Bachelor of Social Science. B.B.S —–Bachelor of Business Studies …

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